Ernesto Cullari is a successful small business owner, medical professional and proven common sense conservative who is committed to growing our economy, not the national debt.

One thing Ernesto is not is a career politician. He believes it is time to send people to Congress who can create jobs and not because they want a job for themselves in Washington.
Working in operating rooms, orthopedic, physical and occupational therapy clinics aiding patients in regaining their range of motion as well as their way of life; Ernesto knows firsthand that the government takeover of health care will not improve care or lower costs. Ernesto is committed to quality, affordable healthcare reform that empowers patients, instead of empowering government.
As a small business owner, he is known for working with children, teens and young adults, teaching them how to sing and write music on the professional level. Giving a new definition to the term Top-40, he found success with listeners from four to fourteen co-writing and producing a hit song on the national Disney Radio channel. He remains committed to cultivating America’s greatest asset, which is our youth, through positive family friendly music.

Ernesto is known for championing our values. His column entitled the Justified Right was published in various regional newspapers. He is also active in the community as a charitable fundraiser working to raise money for orphanages like Rancho 3M and Street Kids Philippine Missions. He is active with and has the support of his local church.

A graduate of Ithaca College with a degree in biology, Ernesto is ready to bring a new, fresh perspective to Congress.

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