Improving, Not Destroying Health Care

As a medical professional, I oppose a government mandated universal health care system, because it has decreased the quality of care given to patients, increased costs, and lessened the access to healthcare everywhere in the world it has been implemented.

I will work to put an end to ObamaCare aka Pallone-Care.

It’s important to encourage a free-market approach, allowing health insurance to be sold across state lines. Competition will enable insurance companies to provide coverage for pre-existing conditions, while increasing the quality of care and lowering costs.

Medicare must become financially solvent and adequately managed so that seniors can receive the excellent health care they have both paid for and earned. Frank Pallone cut $500 billion from senior care.

Independent studies have shown that the FDA needs to be reformed so that patients can receive less expensive and more effective targeted-gene treatments for diseases like cancer and autism. The current system favors companies that can pay million dollar user fees to the FDA, making it impossible for the FDA to remain unbiased when reviewing treatments.

The government has no legitimate role in dictating to individuals what type of insurance plan they have to purchase. We all will know better how to take care of ourselves when provided with proper choices.

Growing the Economy and Creating Jobs

For too long we have had politicians promise us job growth and then go to Washington and pass job killing regulations and taxes that strangle job creators.

It is time for that to end.

As a successful small business owner, I know firsthand how the U.S. tax code is punishing job creators and inhibiting growth of private sector jobs.

We need to have an across-the-board tax cut for our job creators in order to jumpstart the economy. We need to review regulations and eliminate red tape so we can free our economy to grow.

There are thousands of pages of punitive, outdated and unnecessary regulations that are sending good paying American jobs overseas. These regulations need to be removed and updated for the 21st century, so employers can hire again.

Lower Gas and Energy Prices

As gas prices soar and inflation rises it cripples our economy and increases the cost of everyday needs like groceries, gas and basic services like electricity.

Extreme liberals like Frank Pallone introduced the No New Drilling Act of 2011 which only made things tougher for hard-working middle-class families.

I will support projects such as, the Keystone pipeline and the construction of newer greener refineries, which will lower energy prices and create well over 20,000 good paying American jobs.

Accessing America’s abundance of natural gas and building more efficient refineries will cut the cost of America’s commute to work.

Eliminating Wasteful Spending and Controlling Taxes

The fact that liberals like Frank Pallone wasted billions of dollars to stimulate the economy and the result was the highest number of Americans remaining out of the workforce for the longest period of time since The Great Depression. This tells us that big spending Washington politicians do not solve our nation’s problem.

They only make things worse.

We need some common sense in Washington. We need to review spending at every level to ensure we fund what needs to be funded at a fair price.

With the help of Pallone the Washington politicians have more than tripled our national deficit projects in just the last few years.

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to truly get spending under control.

There will be no need to raise taxes on Senior Citizens, American families and our small business if we get spending under control.

Reforming Immigration

I believe in legal immigration. If it was not for our legal immigration system I would not be here today. Both my grandfathers came to this country after WWII to live as freer and more prosperous individuals.

However, the problems of illegal immigration have hit New Jersey hard. Each year illegal immigration costs New Jersey taxpayers over 3 ½ billion dollars, according to FAIR.

In order to solve this problem we need to modernize our immigration system for the 21st century. In addition to that we need to enforce the current laws we have on the books. We need to secure our border to limit illegal immigration and to administer a commonsensical national defense.

Protecting the Second Amendment

As per the Second Amendment “…the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. Unfortunately current gun laws make it harder and harder for law-abiding citizens to purchase firearms, while making it easier for criminals to arm themselves.

We need to modernize our gun laws so that law-abiding citizens can access their Second Amendment rights and have protection from crime.

Supporting Our Troops

American forces are overstretched in both Iraq and Afghanistan, due to budget cuts to military personnel.

We spend billions on military technology yet very little on adequate pay; as well we fail to provide comprehensive healthcare and consistent mental healthcare for our troops.

American needs to expand recruitment numbers, increase pay and increase benefits to our military personnel and their families.

The rules of engagement must change so that a soldier’s first priority is to protect his/her fellow troops first.

Defending Israel

Israel is the only consistently functioning ethnically inclusive democracy in the Middle East.

America’s support for Israel must never waiver.

Jerusalem must remain the undivided capital of Israel. A two state solution is unrealistic until Palestine both rejects extremism and overtly acknowledges that Israel is a sovereign state with an inalienable right to both exist and determine its own future.

Supporting the Right to Life

Life begins at conception.

All human life is sacred and thus has the right to continuity, liberty and the right to a future like ours. Such rights are imputed to us by our creator.


Term Limits: Creating a 16 year-max cap

The founding fathers had no idea that voters would end up being ruled over by entrenched politicians who put their own re-elections and political paychecks above the best interests of the people in our country.

This system endangers the American heritage of individual liberty.

The House and Senate would be wise to pass legislation that limits the career of a legislator to no more than 16 years total between the House and Senate so that lawmakers remain accountable to the voters.

Creating a Common Sense Environmental Policy

We need to be good stewards of the environment and to use our resources wisely.

But ultra-liberals like Frank Pallone have promoted economic death over economic liberty due to overly burdensome regulations and laws that strangle the entrepreneurial spirit of our nation. They have empowered red tape and bureaucracy rather than common sense in our environmental policies.

Regulations have compelled, for instance, guitar companies like Gibson to forfeit their wood inventories.

We need a commonsense environmental policy that keeps our beaches clean but that does not destroy our economy in the process.

I support a scientific review of regulations to reduce paperwork, and the cost of compliance while protecting our natural resources.

Empowering a Philosophy of Government Restraint

Over the decades the role of a legislator has evolved from being a public servant into being a lawmaker who imposes laws which dictate everything we do in our lives.

It has turned America into a nanny-state, where government is involved in every facet of American life, telling us what we can eat in restaurants and schools to how we can use our private property.

As your Congressman I will work to empower rather than limit individual liberty.

America must remain the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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